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Can you name the Films that contain the word 'America' in the title?

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1973Ron Howard
1973Jeff Bridges
1980Richard Gere
1981David Naughton
1984Robert De Niro
1985Albert Brooks
1986Phillip Glasser (voice)
1988Eddie Murphy
1990Mel Gibson
1990Matt Salinger
1993Whoopi Goldberg
1996 Mike Judge (voice)
1996Jack Lemmon
1997Jet Li
1998Jason Biggs
1998Edward Norton
1999Kevin Spacey
2000Christian Bale
2000Mena Suvari
2001Colin Farrell
2001John Cusack
2001Janeane Garofalo
2002Michael Caine
2003Paul Giamatti
2004Trey Parker (voice)
2005Felicity Huffman
2006Donald Sutherland
2006Hugh Grant
2006Sacha Baron Cohen
2007Denzel Washington
2008Kelsey Grammer

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