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Letter (Year of Release)MovieClue
A (1988)Anime set in Neo Tokyo
B (1996)Mike Judge's comedy duo embark on a quest across the states.
C (2000)Mel Gibson attempts to save some British hens.
D (2000)Film revolving around the life of an Iguanodon named Aladar
E (2000)Mountainous jungle nation leader is turned into a llama
F (2003)Father searches the ocean for his lost son.
G (1988)Anti-war movie set in Japan towards the end of World War II
H (2006)Dancing, singing penguins.
I (1999)Based on the novel The Iron Man. Stars Vin Diesel
J (1967)Boy grows up in jungle. Isn't mauled by a bear.
K (2008)Jack Black eats shoots and leaves.
L (1988)First film in the prehistoric animated series starring Littlefoot and friends.
M (2006)This place of residence swallows people?
N (1993)Jack Skellington gets bored with Halloween.
Letter (Year of Release)MovieClue
O (1988)Homeless kitten joins a gang of dogs to survive in New York City.
P (2008)Studio Ghibli film about a fish-girl.
Q (1998)Pierce Brosnan does the voice for King Arthur.
R (1977)A couple of mice take on a case to help a young girl.
S (2001)The first in the Mike Myers ogre series.
T (1995)Pixar's first feature film.
U (2009)Widower flies to South America using helium balloons.
V (1985)Anime set in a post-nuclear holocaust world where vampires terrorise human peasants.
W (1978)Rabbit film. With violence and gore. Sure to upset the children.
X (1996)Manga based anime where Kamui Shiro must destroy either the Dragons of Earth or the Dragons of Heaven.
Y (1968)The Beatles. Under the sea? Well they all live in this.
Z (1998)Possibly the English title for the Italian film La gabbianella e il gatto
# (2009)Number Bonus: Sci-Fi Adventure starring Elijah Wood as the voice of the title character.

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