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Team Samui Member
Team 10 Member
Main Character
Team 7 Member
Special Jounin Of Konoha
Crystal Style User
Konoha's Ninja Academy Teacher
Uzumaki Clan Girl
Special Jounin Of Konoha
Seven Ninja Swordmen's Leader
Team 9 Member
Konoha's Three Tail's Jincuriki
Team 10 Member
Fourth Kazekage
Otogakure's Leader's Servant
Deva Pain's Body
Pervy Sage's Frog
Team Samui Member
Third Tsuchikage's Granddaughter
Otogakure's Leader's Snake's Son
Second Coming Of The Demon
Seven Tail's Jinchuriki
Sage Of The Six Paths's Older Son
Team 9 Member
Eight Tailed Beast
Special Jounin Of Konoha
Team 7 Member
Akatsuki's Uchiha Clan Member
Akatsuki's Spy
Special Jounin Of Konoha
Four Tail's Jinchuriki
Hebi/Taka's Member
Three Tailed Beast
Special Jounin Of Konoha
Third Tsuchikage
Three Tail's Jinchuriki
Fifth Hokage's Assistant
Sound Five's Twin Brothers
Team 7 Sensei
Special Jounin Of Konoha
Amegakure's Leader
First Hokage's Rival
First Hokage's Wife
Pervy Sage
Fifth Hokage
Third Hokage
Two Tail's Jinchuriki
Fifth Hokage's Slug
Fourth Raikage
Fifth Kazekage's Sister
Ten Tailed Beast
Sound Five's Physically Stronger Member
Team 10' Member
Akatsuki's Swordman
Sound Five's Twin Brothers
Samui's Brother
Seven Tailed Beast
Team 10's Sensei
Leader of Otogakure
Akatsuki's Terrorist
Team 9 Member
Team 8 Member
Chunin Of Konoha
Sound Five's Woman
Team 8's Hyuga Clan Member's Sister
Four Tailed Beast
Team 8's Sensei
Otogakure's Leader's Student
Fifth Hokage's Pet
One Tailed Beast
Second Hokage
Six Tail's Jinchuriki
Eight Tail's Jinchuriki
Sage Of The Six Paths's Younger Son
Sage Of The Six Paths's Brother
Team 7 Member
Five Tail's Jinchuriki
Original Ino-Shika-Cho Member
Chunin Of Konoha
Storm Style User
Third Hokage's Grandson
Fourth Hokage's Wife
Sage Of The Six Paths's Mother
Two Tailed Beast
Fifth Mizukage's Swordman Assistant
Second Mizukage
Fifth Mizukage
Sound Five's Spider
'... of the Body Flicker' 's Father
First Hokage
Team 8 Member
Fifth Kazekage
Demon Of The Hidden Mist
Fifth Mizukage's Assistant
Second Tsuchikage
Special Jounin Of Konoha
Team 8 Member
Original Ino-Shika-Cho Member
Akatsuki's Woman Member
Six Tailed Beast
Sound Five's Leader
Team 7 Member's Brother
'... of the Body Flicker'
Akatsuki's Treasurer
Team 8's Inuzuka Clan Member's Sister
Team 8's Dog
Original Ino-Shika-Cho Member
Team Samui's Sensei
Team 7's Sensei
Fourth Hokage
Nine Tailed Beast
Akatsuki's Puppeter Member
Third Tsuchikage's Assistant
Team 9's Sensei
Pervy Sage's Frog's Son
ANBU Root Leader
Fifth Kazekage's Uncle
Akatsuki's Inmortal Member
Otogakure's Leader's Snake
Fifth Kazekage's Brother
Ice Style User
Five Tailed Beast
Sage Of The Six Paths

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