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Can you name the Cartoon Network shows by the description provided?

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A boy and a dog in the land of Ooo
It's anything but
A Boy who works with three girls to save a city with their special powers
Five superhero friends who live in a 'T'
Five superhero friends who live in a 'T' (the remake)
A man who goes around the world and help children with their problems
Animals, fruit, and anything imaginable living together in the town of Elmore, following specifically a blue cat
Sisters run experiments on their brother and dog
The legendary show from Warner Brothers
A large house for the make believe
A Cat and Mouse try do kill each other
The remake of the legendary show from Warner Brothers
A dog tries to protect his family from the supernatural
Four teens and a dog solve mysteries (original)
A group of kids fight adult tyrany
A young apprentice tries to learn to cook
A warrior is sent to the future, and he tries to get back to the past
Three little girls fight evil

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