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2012MinecraftQuiz Minecraft 1.2.5 A-Z
A: What You can EquipLeather, Iron Etc....
B: How the creeper was madethe creeper was made by a ??? in a pig
C: Very Annoying Mob that explodesBOOM!!
D: First Basic BlockUse the Shovel!!!
E: What Chickens Drop sometimesIf you throw them a baby chicken could come out
F: Appears if you hit with Flint and SteelIts Hot!
G: Annoying block that drops flint Anoying Sound
H: A mythical Player (Notch's Dead Brother)he has normal skin but his eyes are white
I: in armor it is 1 up from leatherfor Weapons + tools it is 1 up from stone
J: if you put a music disc in it, it will playNot a Note Block
K: to play you you you mouse and (answer)\\-/-- A board of Keys =D --\-//
L: You place this on blocks to climb to topmade of wood only
M: The GameYou're such a retard if you get it wrong
2012MinecraftQuiz Minecraft 1.2.5 A-Z
N: Creator of MinecraftWorks with Mojang
O: A cat that roams around JunglesNot a Cheetah or tiger (Starts with O)
P: OinkOink
Q: This is a Minecraft A-Z (????)Sporcle is all about them
R: links electricity to Dispenser,Levers ETCglows up when on (but is dark when off)
S: Gives wool when dead or shearedCome in many colors
T: a pack that changes the looks of the gameit has its own folder on main menu
U: These tell you new changes in the gameEx: Minecraft (??????) 1.2.5
V:the current Update of Minecraftex: Minecraft 1.0.0
W:Sheeps give this when dead or shearedits soft
X: Minecraft is sold on this Console nowoposite of the AMAZING PS3
Y:#1 podcaster of minecraftthey do Yogpods
Z:A mob that lurks in the Netheranswer is 2 words + They hold Gold swords

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