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At the Yalta and Potsdam conferences, FDR and Truman ____ Vietnamese independence
In the Treaty of Versailles, Vietnam was _____ its independence
French colonial empire in SE Asia
1946 War
This war was fought for:
This was was fought between:
Founder of the Vietnamese Communist Party/Leader of North Vietnam
territorial expansion w/ foreign rule
the formation of a national identity + desire for independence
vietnamese forces loyal to HCM
goal = to block communist advances; containment policy
SEATO enforces the ______ Doctrine
an attempt to unify Korea and discuss peace in Indochina
the Geneva Accords separated Vietnam at the _____th parallel
a war in which opposing forces use 3rd parties as opposed to fighting each other directly
ruler of North Vietnam (initials)
group in control of North Vietnam
ruler of South Vietnam
derogatory nickname for National Liberation Front
secretary of defense; wanted more bombings because of distorted view of vietnam (applying american production techniques to an Asiam political revolution)
Member of Kennedy's cabinet (unser scretart of state for economic affairs) who opposed committing further to the conflic
_________ said that there was a 'light at the end of the tunnel'
the name of HCM's + communist's army
the name of the South Vietnamese army
country of Indochina (alphabetical order)
country of Indochina (alphabetical order)
country of Indochina (alphabetical order)
battle in which the Vietminh defeated the French (answer, year)
initials of the leader who prevented the unification elections from taking place
two ships involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident
year, president during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident
theory that caused JFK's advisors to obsess over the war in vietnam being an attempt to spread communism
operation that called for the excessive bombing of northern Vietnam
President Johnson's strategy
country-wide attack on U.S. firebases shortly before new year truce
concept in which the war is given back to the vietnamese to fight an the U.S. begins its withdrawl
Nixon's goal to end the war is known as '______ _______ ______'
location of a massacre in a theoretical vietcong stronghold
An agreement in which U.S. troops would be withdrawn from Vietnam by 1973 (over 4 years) and POWs would be released
A report to JFK that called for an escalation in the war (i.e. more bombing, training of ARVN soldiers, increasing troops, etc.)
location of marine firebase and the major center of defense of the highland region of vietnam;
Nixon's overall plan for Vietnam (including Vietnamization, training of ARVN troops, etc.)
During the Nixon presidency, bombs were secretly dropped on this country
name for this event
target of this event
a domestic event in which National Guardsmen open fired into a crowd od student anti-war protesters
During the Paris peace talks, HCM used the decision of the _____ of the _____ ______ in order to delay the talks (answer: ____ of the _____ ______')
Decision made:

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