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Can you name the answers to following questions about the James Bond films?

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This actor appeared alongside Desmond Llewelyn as his replacement in 'The World is Not Enough', and appeared as Q in 'Die Another Day'.
Bond is able to fool Solitaire into sleeping with him when he replaces her tarot deck with a deck that contains duplicates of which card?
In which film does the villain have a pool of killer piranha?
Bond strapped to the gold table while a laser slowly creeps toward him is supposed to take place in which country?
Kara Milovy plays which musical instrument?
Geoffrey Keen played which character in six Bond films ('The Spy Who Loved Me' through 'The Living Daylights')?
This French agent was a Bond ally in 'Casino Royale' and 'Quantum of Solace'.
Which character in 'Dr. No' had a son show up in a subsequent film?
Which songstress' hit 'To Sir With Love' hit #1 on the US pop charts in 1967, before singing a James Bond theme song?
Around which Thai island were scenes from 'The Man WIth the Golden Gun' and 'Tomorrow Never Dies' filmed?
Which actor who played a Bond villain later played a role in the film 'Alien'?
In 'Thunderball' Bond is chased through what famous annual street parade in Nassau?
The Whyte House in the film 'Diamonds are Forever' was what real hotel?
Louis Jourdan who played Kamal Khan in 'Octopussy', was the lead actor in which film that won an Oscar for Best Picture?
Which film included a memorable trip down from Sugarloaf Mountain?
In 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', Marc-Ange Draco is the head of what criminal organization?
Which former cathedral and mosque was a filming location for 'From Russia With Love'
London's Reform Club was used as a filming location in which film?
What codename was given to Goldfinger's project to attack Fort Knox?
Which Tony Award winning actor played a henchman known for declaring 'I am invincible!'
Which film opens with a scene in Prague?
Which actor can claim to have played a villain to James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Luke Skywalker?
Terence Young, who directed three of the first four Bond films, helmed which disastrous 1982 Korean War film?
David Hedison, who twice played Felix Leiter in 'Live and Let Die' and 'License to Kill' played the lead role in which 1958 horror classic?
Reclusive billionaire Willard Whyte was played by which country-western singer and TV personality?
What is the family motto for James Bond's family?
Which 'Live and Let Die' actor was perhaps best known for his commercials for 7-Up soda?
Pierce Brosnan's first wife, Cassandra Harris, played a 'sacrificial lamb' in which Bond film?
Bernard Lee's 'M' character had what first name? (hint: it starts with 'M')
What was the name of the character who ended up dead and painted gold in 'Goldfinger'? (first name needed)
Plenty O'Toole was played by which actress?
What is the only film in which Bond never drives a car?
In 'Quantum of Solace', Bond listens in on a meeting of Quantum while attending a production of which opera?
Which actor could claim to have played allies of James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Frodo Baggins?
Famke Janssen and Alan Cumming both appeared in 'GoldenEye'. They also both appeared in the sequel to this 2000 film.
Charles Gray who played Blofeld in 'Diamonds are Forever' and Henderson in 'You Only Live Twice' played 'The Criminologist' in which over-the-top musical film from 1975?
Sean Connery played Col. Arbuthnot in this 1974 Oscar nominated film that starred Albert Finney (Kincaid in 'Skyfall').
This Welsh actor voiced the stuffed hedgehog, Mr. Pricklepants, in the Oscar nominated 'Toy Story 3'.
Sean Connery played Pvt. Flanagan in this 1962 film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It told the story of the invasion of Normandy.
In this 2004 film, a cocaine dealer (played by Daniel Craig) is killed by Sidney (played by Ben Whishaw).

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