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Since the release of 'Dr. No' in 1962, the most years between new films is how many?
The closing credits of 'The Spy Who Loved Me' announce that 'James Bond will return in ...' which film?
Which film was the first to not have a title based on an Ian Fleming work?
Best known for creating the 'gun barrel' intro, he created the opening titles for 14 of the first 16 films.
Jack Lord was the first to play this character. Only David Hedison and Jeffrey Wright have played him more than once. Like Bond, his wife is killed on her wedding day.
This composer is legally credited with writing 'The James Bond theme'.
This Oscar-winning composer wrote music for 12 Bond films, and is credited with arranging 'The James Bond theme'.
Despite his name, this man never traveled into space, but does hold the record for directing five Bond films ('For Your Eyes Only' through 'License to Kill').
This is the only 'Bond girl' character to appear in two films.
Richard Kiel was famous for playing which henchman?
This singer was the only person to sing a film's title song during the credits, and appear as a character in the film.
She is the only 'Bond Girl' actress to appear in 3 Bond films.
Sammy Davis, Jr. had a brief cameo in this film, but it was 'left on the cutting room floor'.
Between 'From Russia With Love' and 'The World Is Not Enough', this was the only film Desmond Llewelyn did not appear in.
In the films, what was Q's real last name?
'Tomorrow Never Dies' features M (Judi Dench) squabbling with Admiral Roebuck (Geoffrey Palmer). In which British sitcom were Palmer and Dench then playing long lost lovers?
Which was the first Bond film to not be filmed in the UK?
What was the first Bond film to have a title song sung as a duet, instead of by a solo artist or band?
Which non-James Bond film (starring Robert DeNiro) features three actors, each of whom had been a Bond villain?
This Steven Spielberg directed espionage film featured a former Bond villain playing the father of a future Bond villian.
Which film's title song was the only one to make it to number one on the US pop charts?
Of the three longest running stars of the 1960s UK TV hit 'The Avengers', which was the first to appear in a Bond film?
Aside from 'Skyfall', which other Bond film included a scene at a Macau casino?
While undercover, Bond usually presents himself as an employee of what fictitious company?
This is the only film in which 'M' does not appear.
Which actor played 'M' for the last two Roger Moore films, and both Timothy Dalton films?
Before appearing as General Gogol in 'The Spy Who Loved Me', Walter Gotell appeared in which earlier Bond film?
Before being replaced with a Tom Jones sung title song, which film originally had a theme song titled 'Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang'?
When studio filming is required, nearly all of the Bond films have been filmed at this legendary British studio, which recently merged with Shepperton.
Which was the last film to open with an instrumental piece over the credits, instead of a theme song?
Which actor, with a long history of playing villains, including the title role in 'The Man With the Golden Gun', served as an intelligence officer for the UK during WWII?
Which Bond girl went on to star in the Oscar nominated 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'?
The screenplay for this Bond film was adapted by Roald Dahl.
Grand L. Bush played Hawkins, and Robert Davi played Sanchez in 'Licence to Kill'. In what 1988 film did they play FBI partners, both named Johnson (no relation)?
Kevin McClory is most associated with which of the original Bond films?
In which film does Bond meet 'M' in his office aboard the wreck of the former RMS Queen Elizabeth?
In which film do scenes at the Wurstelprater amusement park take place?
The climax of 'GoldenEye', where Trevelyan falls from an immense antenna, was actually filmed at an observatory on what Caribbean island?
Which Bond film featured a ski jump from Mount Asgard on Canada's Baffin Island?
Which Bond henchman was known for using a weapon which was a modified version of a chakram?
Which Bond woman/sacrificial lamb had already played Lois Lane, and later went on to play on 'Desperate Housewives'?
Valentin Zukovsky, played by which actor, appeared in two Bond films?
Excluding London, which city served as a common setting in 'From Russia With Love' and 'Moonraker'?
This is the only American city Bond has visited three times in the films.
According to 'Skyfall', M had previously been station chief at this locale, where Silva worked for her.
Clifton James appeared in two Bond films playing which character?
Which film featured a pair of homosexual assassins named 'Mr. Wint' and 'Mr. Kidd'?
Jan Werich began filming the role of Blofeld in 'You Only Live Twice', but was replaced by which actor?
Sheryl Crow performed the song 'Tomorrow Never Dies' over the opening credits of that film. Who performed 'Surrender' over the closing credits?
In which film did Q first appear 'in the field' instead of in his lab?
Which Ken Wallis creation included a flamethrower, air-to-air missiles, rockets, aerial mines, and twin machine guns?
Caroline Bliss played which character in 'The Living Daylights' and 'Licence to Kill'?
Franz Oberhauser adopted what name from his mother's family?

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