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Can you name the ships featured in the reimagined TV series 'Battlestar Galactica'?

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Also called 'Space Park', it has a prominent revolving ring. Dualla commandeered the ballots from this ship to fix the election.
While Tigh was in charge after William Adama had been shot, he orders marines to board this ship for supplies. The marines end up killing four civilians.
When it appears that this passenger liner is allowing the Cylons to track the fleet every 33 minutes, Apollo and Starbuck destroy it, unsure if there are people on board.
Bill Adama found Ellen Tigh on this ship. In the original series, it was an entertainment ship.
Cain, Fisk, and Garner all commanded this ship before Apollo was given command.
This is the tylium refining ship where Tyrol leads a strike. A radiation leak aboard here permits the Cylons to track the fleet. Zarek later orders the ship to jump away in protest
We first meet Tom Zarek aboard this prison ship.
Starbuck was given command of this sewage treatment ship to find Earth.
This ship was originally called 'Colonial Heavy 798', but was renamed shortly after the attack on the colonies.
Phelan ran the fleet's black market from this ship until Apollo killed him.
This open port ship had a massive dome and luxury amenities. The Quorum of 12 first met here, and it was destroyed when Gina Inviere exploded a nuclear weapon.
Asha Janik worked on this freighter, prior to sabotaging viper ammunition. Sesha Abinell's husband, was killed on this ship, prompting her to take hostages.
At the beginning of the miniseries, this ship was preparing to be turned into a museum.

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