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Can you name the speakers and facts regarding Antigone ?

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Forced Order
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Who are Oedipus' 2 daughters?
Who is the king?
What is Antigone's brother's name?
'A city is no city that is of one man only'
'A friend in words is not a friend for me'
'Tempers too stubborn are the first to fail; the hardest iron from the furnace, forged to stiffness, you may see most frequently shivered and broken'
What play has a similar ending to Antigone?
Which characters commit suicide?
Name another work by the author of Antigone
'Wall her up close in some deep catacomb, as i have said; leave her alone, apart to perish, if she will; or if she live. to make her tomb her tenement'
'We must remember we are women born, unapt to cope with men; and, being ruled by mightier than ourselves, we have to hear these things-and worse'
'Nor did I deem your ordinance of so much binding force, as that a mortal man could overbear the unchangeable unwritten code of Heaven'

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