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Complete the well known N4 phrase: 'Please do not sit in the giant...'
What was unacceptably stolen from Joss Kyte's freezer?
What does the house term 'prinking' stand for?
Where will you find the majority of N4 on a Thursday night?
Name a member of N4 who has not ''gotten with' another member of the flat...
What is the N4 code for sex?
Who is the biggest lad in the house?
True or false: Henry likes to get naked at any opportunity.
Generally speaking, which magazine is favoured by the flat and kept on the breakfast bar?
N4 houses two of next year's social secretaries for two different sports. Name one of these sports.
Morgan's spiced rum is favoured by the boyfriend of which flat member?
' _ _ _ _ _ fresher!' (A freshers' week greeting)
In which block does 'Naked Billy' reside?
Which Louisiana vegetable and meat dish includes leeks, celery, tabasco and a bay leaf among other ingredients?

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