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Can you name the Survival Horror Games??

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I hate stairs
Teamwork is a must. 
I've covered wars ya know
Anything and everything is a weapon 
Jill Sandwich!
Games keep getting better amiright? 
In my restless dreams, I see that town...
Fog eveywhere! 
Isaac..make us whole again
Cut off their limbs! 
Do you dare look through the camera lens?
Japanese jump scares! 
Somewhere beneath the sea...
Mr. Bubbles 
Fight meth heads and solve murders
Talking to yourself while driving
To some a cult game others may not of heard of it before *puts hipster glasses on* 
My memory card has been wiped?!
Underrated GameCube game 
Find pages and avoid him....
Creepypasta Legend 
You're a writer who uses lots of batteries for your flashlight
Shadows are coming for ya! 
Mars and Hell
One of the first FPS and horror games...I think? 
Who do you Voodoo, B****!?!
Kinda of a let down, but still a good open world zombie game 
Alma....the lil girl in the red dress
FPS, Slow-mo, and flaming charred skeletons 

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