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Can you name the Origins of these Football Club Names?

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OriginClub NameNational League
Armaments factory in South LondonEngland
Pertaining to the inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland prior to the arrival of the Anglo-SaxonsScotland
Mythical Greek hero who completed twelve tasksNetherlands
Ancient Greek inhabitants of a city state between Athens and Sparta (via an English amateur club known for its players’ sportsmanship)Brazil
This football society received its royal patronage from King Alfonso XIIISpain
Giant glass building in London completed for the Great Exhibition of 1851England
Insect of the suborder Caelifera in the order OrthopteraSwitzerland
Prison immortalised in a poem by Sir Walter ScottScotland
OriginClub NameNational League
Heroine of Ancient Greece, famed as a huntress and athleteItaly
Fierce Scandinavian race who supposedly wore horned helmets into battleNorway
From the Latin for “youth”Italy
Medieval Christian warriors who engaged in religious combat in the Middle EastNorthern Ireland
A canonised Irishman who founded a religious community which grew to become Paisley AbbeyScotland
Legendary Greek warrior, cousin of Achilles in Homer's 'Iliad'Netherlands
Poetic name for Great Britain, from a root word meaning white Scotland
A steam engine, as the club originally featured players from the state railway companyRussia

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