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True roots, British Isles, 400 years agoRomeo and Juliet
West Side Story
took song and ballet to weave them into plot
integrates effortlessly from scene to song to scene
'works' in Italian; many art forms; all sung; grew out of need for courts of late Ren; extravagence; heightened
the script
composer who wrote everything (music and lyrics)
most famous operas; first example of musical theatreCosi Fan Tutte, Magic Flute
dialogue of opera, usually don't rhyme
an air; formal, emotional, melodic
two types of opera
unrealistic subjects, readily invited parody, Beggar's Opera
laid tradition for American musical theatre
subject matter changed; opera became more serious
emerged from comic opera; most popular form of comedic theatre fr a time
from the operetta, always advances plot; musical comedy
1st operetta
Orpheus; cheerful melodies; wild and provocative can-can
Provided fanciful world of escape; most popular for first two decades of 20th century
HMS Pinnamore; Pirates of Penzance; two of most influential shows of early 1900's
Most successful early British import; stage door Johnnies
Lehar; 1905; waltz; 1 of most popular; opened way for tango, fox trot
First American operetta; Victor Herbert; 1898
Herbert's crowning glory
Romberg; 19th century Europe
started in the bowery; satire filled with smoking and drinking; songs about unfulfilled love
wanted to legitimize vaudeville
used castonets and tamborines, imitated slaves, Mr. Tambo and Mr. Bones, crazy dance scenes
first famous black comedian
1st truly black musical; 1903
1st black operas
1920's first musical hit done entirely by blacks
1919 prohibition
1st American musical 1866
greatest showman of early 20th century; 1907 Little Johnny Jones; 'Give my regards to Broadway;' only statue on Broadway
'Alexander's Ragtime Band;' create a form of song depicting emotions, ideals, etc; 1st ragtime musical; invented the American song
interpolater of new, bright songs; Show Boat (breaks from tradition; 1927); Oklahoma!; laid foundation for musical drama
(Kern), story became more important, songs should carry out action of play; songs had to suit moods
Wizard of Oz
'Swanee;' Rhapsody in Blue; Porgy and Bess; Of Thee I Sing
1st musical to win Pulitzer in drama
Anything Goes, Kiss Me Kate (best musical)--music completely integrated into plot and character
Jumbo!, Pal Joey
Brazzy, jazy, classical music, satiric; all songs sound different
Greatest American musical ever written
choreographer who made a story with dance
Brigadoon; My Fair Lady; Camelot
One of the most revived shows in history
Largest #1 album

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