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Christopher Robin's best friend
When did Columbus sail to the Americas?
Winner of the first Super Bowl
Inertia is a property of...
Current Queen of England
King Leer was written by whom...
Actress who plays Elle in Legally Blonde
Number of bones in the body
Spiderman's real name
The Psychodynamic theory of Psychology was founded upon the ideas of...
Name of the boy in Fairly Odd Parents
A Primary Color
Olsen Twin
Chemical symbol for Gold
First Pokemon in Pokedex
Number of Stripes on the US Flag
The dish ran away with the...
Cornhusker State...
Current Vice President of the USA
Year the Constitution was ratified
Name of the Simpson's Dog
Name of the National Anthem
Name of the Strawberry Scented bear in Toy Story 3
Louis Armstrong played the...
Nicole Polizzi - aka
3! (Factorial)
Maker of M&Ms
Taxonomic group larger than Class
Number one social networking website
Charge*Potential =

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