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Which side had more advantages in the beginning of the war?money, population, railroads, factories
What was the Southern War Goal?Slavery in the south
What was the Northern War Goal?this war goal changes think of the beginning goal
What is it called when the government requires healthy citizens to join the army?happened in the North when Northerners were dropping from the army
What was added to the North's war goal?Emancipation Proclamation
Who was the successful Union general during the way?Ulysses
Who was the successful Confederate general during the war?Robert E.
What was the south called when they seceded?(the)
What was the north called after the south seceded?(the)
What was the battle that caused a turning point in the war?Lincoln wrote an short address
How much did you have to pay to get out of the draft?don't forget the money symbol
Who won the war?the north
Was the Union preserved?
What was the result of the battle of Merrimack and Monitor?niether side had the technology to sink eachother

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