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Can you name the words with 'zz' in them?

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odd, queer, or comical
a little bit of rain
he was a bear with no hair
the sound fajitas make as they are brought to your table
to cuddle or snuggle up
a hot tub
the end of a hose
a swanky kind of music
to amaze or overwhelm
the capital of the Republic of the Congo
slang for 'the police'
what a soda does when you open it
a cheese often found in fried sticks
a food with New York and Chicago styles
the end of a firearm or what you put on a bad dog
a game, toy, or problem, that requires ingenuity and often persistence in solving or assembling
to appropriate fraudulently to one's own use
the first or lowest balcony
a big snowstorm
ruler of Babylon, 605-562 B.C. who conquered the Kingdom of Judah
what you may become after spinning in circles

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