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Who was the woman absolute monarch of England?
Who was the king in the French revolution?
Who fought for freedom of speech?
What was the main method of execution during the French Revolution?
Who became mad with power and thought more terror was the answer?
Who believed in the social contract
Who was the defender of faith?
Who was the king of Prussia?
Who wanted to westernize Russia?
Who were the main people that attacked Versailles?
What did Copernicus believe in?
What nationality was Kepler?
Who developed the scientific method?
What country was Marie Antoniette from?
What percent of the population was the third estate?
What estate was the clergy?
During the Italian Renaissance, what did they mainly focus on?
Who was known for painting wood engravings?
Who was the warrior pope?
Humanism focused on what?
] The Courtier was written by
Machiavelli wrote the
The Renaissance is an example of…
This is when goods were exchanged between Europe and the new world
Who was the banker/merchant family during the time?
The Renaissance was inspired by
The Northern Renaissance focused on
Sir Thomas More wrote
He painted the sistine chapel
He wrote In Praise of Folly
Who was the leader who went around the world in the Grand Embassy?
Who was known as the Sun King?
Whose three ideas were life, liberty, and property?
What enlightenment thinker was a feminist?
What theory states that the Earth is the center of the universe?
Who beleived in checks and balances?
Whose said this famous quote; 'Nasty, brutish, and short'?
Who established the Scientific method?
Who said 'I think, therfore I am'? And believed in the importance of logic and reason?
Who invented the social contract stating that if the government does not do it's justice the people can overthrow it?
Who believed that planets moved in elipses not circles?
Who improved the telescope, died under house arrest, and worked on the laws of motion?
A group of writers and thinkers concerned with improving society
Who wrote the 95 Theses
Use of humor, irony, exxageration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity.
A catholic monk from Germany
Missionaries that spread christianity
Who excommunicated Martin Luther?
This was a meeting to reform the church
One person holding multiple offices
This is one of the 3 'G's, that has to do with the spirit of inquiry.
What kind of sail helped sail against wind?
What are the Safavids known for?
Who conquered the Incas?
Who conquered the Aztecs?
This is when the native population was exploited and forced to farm or mine.
This empire used elephants in war
This empire is shi'ite muslim
Who sailed around South America to the Pacific?
Which Chinese explorer sailed to Asia, India, Arabia, Eastern Africa?
This empire conquered Constantinople
What percentage of the Natives died? (include %)
This disease killed many native populations

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