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Forced Order
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French and Indian war was called this is Europe
Treaty that ended the war
Natural boundary that separated French and British territory
The British territory was ------ of this boundary
Native Americans traded ----- with Europeans
This Chief and his tribe sided with France
True or False: Most Native Americans trusted the British over the French
True or False: The French traded ammunition with Native Americans
True or False: The British took land from Native Americans on the east coast
This was the first formal proposal to unite the colonies
Did France lose or gain territory after the war?
Did France have power in the New World after the war?
Who was French land divided between?
Who did pontiac revolt against
What law did Pontiac's rebellion lead to?
What is the significance of the proclamation of 1763?
Were colonists allowed to settle territory won in war?
What boundary did the Proclamation line of 1763 align with?
The proclamation line divided british territory into two areas....
This ended French power in the New World, ended the war, and led to increased British territory
The British colonists settling on Native American land west of the Appalachians led to ...
This was law that banned colonists from settling west of the Appalachians
True or False: Ms Drake lived in montreal before
Before the war, was French or British territory larger?
Were there more settlers in French or British Territory?
What military person was first seen in this war?
Who had better relations with the Native Americans, French of British?
True or False: The French and Indian war is named because the French killed all the Indians
True or False: You are going to do great on this quiz if you know these questions
True or False: There will be a map, so know the Proclamation line, and British and French territory before and after the war

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