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Is anyone here? (anyone)
Who runs hurriedly? (Who)
We are going at the zoo. (We)
Merrily Sheena walk and go at that chair. That chair is hers. (hers)
Such a reason you have. (such)
Do you know it? (you) and (it)
Everybody has their own invitation. (everybody)
Looks like everybody are invited except for us. (everybody)
Why are you crying? (Why)
She will not clean now. (She)
Carlo secretly hide it to that girl. That girl is his mother. That mother is his. (his)
Where are you going? (where)
The musicians play it. That song is my favorite song. (my)
To whom? (whom)
May I go out? (I)
Anaira and Amy sold it.(it)
They happily clean the room. (They)
Is anybody here? (anybody)
Such a simplicity you have. (Such)
That is my chair. (that)
Mia run so fast and she is the first of all of us. (all)
You already pay your debt. (You)
The woman help herself to move on. (herself)
Amy and Anaira are going at that house to sell apple. (that)
What is your favorite subject? (what)

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