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Season 1
The British favo(u)rite 'flies' over to U.S. soil 
Michael wants Kelly to try his 'gugi-gugi' and Mr. 'Brown' gets Donald Duck's signature 
Dwight is asked to pare down health care costs, and in so doing he scoffs at anal fissures; Kevin is ashamed 
If Dwight ever asks to be in [title name], answer, 'Absolutely I do.' 
Starting five includes Jim, Michael, Dwight, Ryan, and Stanley (of course) 
Michael buys a gratuitous barista machine, Dwight buys a purse, and yet Jim scores the [titular] prize  
Season 2
Better than the Oscars, better than the Grammys, it's [the title]! 
The only thing Michael is worried about -- is getting a boner.  
Phyllis wins Flonkerton! Kevin impresses with his gaping maw.  
Dwight gets jealous of Ryan, Pam laughs at Jim's girlfriend, and big red trucks save the day 
Michael sprouts a second head; potential downsizing is the real scare 
Michael and Dwight throw down at Dwight's dojo; Jim's flirtation with Pam makes everyone uncomfortable 
Tim Meadows enjoys a night at Chili's with Michael and Jan; Michael really enjoys the rest of the night with Jan 
Michael bases his review of each employees on his mood; as a result, Angela's performance was 'adequate' 
A 'terrorist' comes to install a Big Brother program for email 
Tis the season! 'An oven mitt?? I got Ryan an iPod!'  
Captain Jack controls the ship, Roy sets a wedding date with Pam, and Jim tells Micahel a big [title of Season 2 Epsiode 13] 
Michael burns his foot on (in?) a Foreman grill; Dwight 'Danger' Schrute is moon-eyed from a fender bender 
Why, oh why did Jim choose Michael, the world's worst confidant, to confide in?  
Todd 'DUI' Packer leaves a 'gift' on the floor of Michael's office 
Jan discusses career advancement for women; Michael tries to connect with the warehouse guys.  
Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, showers Phyllis with gifts. Pam is promised 'the best sex of her life' -- not a smooth move Roy.  
Dwight delivers an oral speech that rivals the all-time greats. Blood alone turns the wheels of history! 
Toby's daughter is adorable, Stanley yells at Ryan, and Meredith takes advantage of the day by bringing her suspended son to the office.  
Kevin may have skin cancer so Michael 'selflessly' brings him and the office to the skating rink. Many years ago Michael slid out of his mother's womb.  
Michael requires clean urine from Dwight and carries it around in a coffee cup.  
Michael resolves a dispute win-win-win. He had to use win-lose with Toby -- it wasn't pretty.  
Michael brings two 'queens' to the Vegas-inspired night in the warehouse; the season ends with a stunning scene between Jim and Pam 
Season 3
Oscar gets 'hunted' 
Michael, Dwight and Jim go to a paper extraveganza; Michael tries to invite Jerome Bettis to his party 
Dwight wants control of the branch and seeks out Jan's approval. Your dentist's name is Krentist?  
Ed Truck gets decapitated and Michael realizes how quickly his life is passing him by. Pam creates a coffin for a bird 
Dwight forces Ryan through a series of ridiculous tests. Michael is afraid of nothing, and also snakes.  
A celebration of 'like, a hundred' gods that Kelly worships. Adam Sandler would be proud of Michael's song 
'We're not closing! Stamford is closing! We did it!' 
The introduction of Karen, Andy, and others to the Scranton office.  
Michael plays Prison Mike while Dwight tries to tempt a merged employee into stealing a wad of cash 
Christmastime! Andy, Jim and Dwight bring Michael to [titular restaurant] to cheer him up 
Michael returns from Jamaica feeling hot-hot-hot.  
Scranton salespeople team up on sales calls; Andy gets on Michael's nerves while Karen gets a makeover 
Oscar returns from, as Kevin aptly put it, his gaycation 
Jim hires a bifocal-wearing historian to strip for -- er, educate -- the women of the office.  
Lapin becomes Lapin-Vance in this nuptial episode  
Michael is a guest speaker at [title] -- may your hats fly as high as your dreams 
David Wallace hosts a party at his house; don't worry, Michael brought the potato salad 
Darryl Philbin teaches Michael the art of [title] in order to secure a raise.  
The office needs to be retrained in warehouse safety measures; Toby gives a boring speech to the office so Michael orders a bouncy castle to prove his own point 
A longtime client becomes enraged when she sees a gratuitous water mark. Dwight points out that the act appears consensual. Toyota could empathize with Dunder Mifflin 
Michael brings the ladies of Scranton to the Steamtown mall to dish on Jan. Angela refuses his offer to buy her a thong. 
The entire office -- except Toby -- goes to Lake Scranton for a day of relaxati -- survivor-like challenges.  
Who will get Jan's old corporate position? Spoiler alert: it's not Michael or Jim 
Season 4
Michael raises money to support a cure for rabies; he downs a heaping pile of pasta before the run 
Ryan discusses his brainchild, a new Dunder Mifflin website. Buzz Lightyear would approve.  
What's better, a Lanch party or a Lunch party? 
Jan is sapping all of Michael's cash reserves which forces him to work a night job 
The Scranton crew team up and create a paper-centric advertisement. Nonetheless corporate adopts the outsourced work product 
Jim gets roped into going to Utica by Michael and Dwight who plan to sabotage Karen from stealing Stanley 
Michael acts as if he's on Man v. Wild. Will he ... survive? 
Michael gets grilled regarding Jan's wrongful termination suit. Everyone reads Michael's 'diary' and Toby's food ends up on the floor 
Jan and Michael invite guests over for dinner. Jan smashes Michaels 'massive' HDTV with a [season 2 episode 1 title]. 
Even though he could use a new chair, Michael wants what's sitting in the chair -- too bad she's dead.  
Michael and Dwight hit the town with Ryan and his hobbit-looking friend. Ryan enjoys coke, and not the bubbly kind 
Stanley d-d-d-d-does NOT do this.  
I'm running out of episode descriptions so the title of this episode is 'Job Fair.' Congratulations if you've read this far. 
Michael's most hated HR employee departs for Costa Rica. Michael 'rocks' his world by giving him his watch 
Season 5
Can the scales be tipped in Scranton's favor? That depends on how many lbs. they can shed in 8 weeks 
Let's get ethical! Ethical! Holly brings ethics back into the office 
Jan returns toting a crib and a baby. Michael 'showers' Holly with insults 
What better way to fight crime than with an auction? Bruce Springsteen may or may not show up 
Holly leaves Scranton and Michael's heart is once again broken 
Kelly is miffed that Jim and Dwight didn't come to her party so she doctors a [title object] to make them look bad 
Oh, Canada! Andy tells Angela he wants to see her naked and Michael tells David Wallace he's upset with Holly's transfer 
Toby has narcotics at his workstation?! Oh, no, that's just a ($500) caprese salad.  
What would any good manager do with a little extra cash? Purchase a fur coat of course 
Deck the Halls with African ornaments! Meredith nearly burns herself to a crisp and Phyllis informs the office of Angela & Dwight's illicit affair 
Faceoff: Dwight v. Andy.  
Dunder Mifflin runs a small paper company out of business. Strange, isn't that what they fear from Office Depot and Staples? 
Stanley suffers a heart attack and Michael apparently is the cause of everyone's stress 
Michael travels from branch to branch delivering lectures -- and he takes the opportunity to deliver a message to Holly's new boyfriend AJ too 
Michael passes out while giving blood; upon revival he finds a glove, but alas, his Cinderella never comes 
'Willy Wonka' visits the office and issues golden coupons to five -- er, one -- lucky winner 
Charles Miner is in town and Michael doesn't approve ...although the ladies of the office do 
Realizing the economy is kaput and he was soon to be out of a job, Michael spends his final days at Dunder Mifflin trying to steal the client list 
Michael assembles a sales team. Probably not as impressive as the 1992 Olympic team, however. 
Michael's paper company is named [title]. Be careful, it's clever and imaginative 
Dwight is torn between Charles and Michael, and despite the fact that Charles forces Dwight to wear long sleeves, he chooses to abandon -- and even sabotage -- Michael 
Out of money and out of time, Michael impressively negotiates a rehire at Dunder Mifflin for himself, Pam and Ryan 
It's Friday, and it doesn't get much more casual -- or disgusting -- than Meredith's outfit 
Michael sets up a disco in the basement and once Erin & Kelly find it, the party really starts 
Who doesn't like a picnic? Especially one with Slumdunder Mifflionaire and a pregnancy 
Season 6
Michael reveals one of Stanley's dark secrets. To make up for it he fabricates information about everyone else 
Michael hides in a cheese cart as Jim meets with David Wallace 
Jim becomes co-manager and he and Michael vie for control 
Pam and Jim get married [at this titular location], Dwight shows he's a playa, and the show's writers pay homage to a YouTube clip 
The 'coalition for reason' is very weak in this episode because Jim and Pam are honeymooning. Is that insurance salesman a mobster?  
Michael's new love interest just happens to be the mother of one Pam Beasley 
Michael falls into some water and gets wet -- Jim stands idly by 
Pam + Jim + Michael + Pam's mom.  
Who's the Scranton killer?  
Angry shareholders demand answers; Michael spins, not twirls 
Hey Mr. Scott, what you gonna do? What you gonna do make our dreams come true!! 
Ho ho ho! Phyllis is Santa and the office is visited by a cynical Jesus. Andy almost kills Erin with the 12 days of Christmas 
This is easily the worst episode of The Office ever -- how dare they take off several weeks and return with a clip show!! 
The Dunder Mifflin saviors are here -- and make sure you know how to pronounce their name before writing rhymes in song form 
Jim becomes sole regional manager -- for 4.5 hours. Crotch-sniffing dalmatians guest star.  
Pam and Jim's baby is born and Dwight contracts for offspring of his own.  
Everyone's 'green' in this episode where Erin gets sick and Michael stands up to Jo 
The salespeople think they're hotshots so Michael hides their leads a dumpster 
Things aren't 'happy' for Michael's 'first date.' Meanwhile Oscar pines for Matt 
Attn: All secretaries. It's your time to shine! Enjoy your day.  
Michael lusts after Donna while the rest of the office (except Pam) tries to deter him 
Is Donna cheating on Michael? Dwight invokes his seduction powers to find out 
Michael goes to visit Donna's husband, who is definitely not a 'champ' 

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