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Can you name the KDC IV - The Destruction of the Spaghetti Pot?

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Tammy's Mum is a ____?
How often would Mr Smith lie to us in Science class (in %, using full english)?
What was Alex always the victim of?
What was the original Cook-Up meal?
Which Bitch slapped Jarryd at a Year 9 party? First name only
How big was Jaqui's titties in Year 9? (format 10A)
The Conduit Twins names? (separated by a space, any order)
Favourite breakfast of the Cohen's?
Who woke up to getting their dick sucked? (first and last name req)
Who copped the honey and weetbix treatment? (full name req)
How much did chicken wings cost in Year 8?
Where did we first learn about Kelly's 'Whiffy No. 6'?
How would you easiest describe Jarryd's spews at Mulks first party?
Who was the black guy in that movie?
Who did Criddle force himself to wank over? (full name req)
Who infamously got raped by Delvine (allegedly) at a party in high school? (first name only)
Favourite Halo 2 Map that got smashed repeatedly back in the day?
T- Mulks lost his V-card to? (both names req)
Which movie did Brock try and finger Morgan at?
Real name of the 'Big One Inch'? (both names req)

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