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Year the Park opened
This land has 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride'
A 'Rivers of America' ship's name
This 'Members Only' Restaraunt is....
Hosts an animatronic U.S. President...
Inventor who's designs inspired the newest Tomorrowland
These welcome residents roam the park grounds at night
Walt's original apartment was located above
Ariel's Grotto near the castle was replaced by
The short-lived ride that replaced the People Mover
One of the 'Nine Old Men' who is responsible for making the Jungle Cruise more humorous
The family name lent to the story of who 'owned' the Haunted Mansion (named after one of Disney's Imagineers)
This ride was rumored to house Walt's cryogenically frozen body
The longest running show at the park since opening
Splash Mountain's Characters are based off of the movie
Sang the lead vocals for 'Grim Grinning Ghosts' in the Haunted Mansion
Ride with the most injury lawsuits since opening (as of 2004)
The Yeti in the Matterhorn is a recycled gorilla animatronic from this ride
Dole sponsors this attraction
Disneyland's dedication speech is repeated consistantly in morse code here
The most vomit-inducing ride
This character takes over the Haunted Mansion during the Holiday season
Before the 1964 World's Fair, Pirates of the Caribbean was planned to be a
Employees are reffered to as
These designs are hidden all over the park in plain sight
Opening day at Disneyland has been referred to as
The names of Disney VIPs are lettered on windows here
This ride has a hidden basketball court used for an employee breakroom
These live animals were once kept in a pen at the entrance of the Jungle Cruise but removed after too many escaped into the lagoon
Tiny Kline, an aerialist, made nightly appearances as this character until she was 74 years old
Two of these animals are always kept at the park to swim in the Castle's moat
These leftover garments adorn the top of the Giant Mushroom outside the 'Alice In Wonderland' ride
This attraction hides extra props used in the Fantasmic! nightly shows
In the past they were in the submarine lagoon and on rocks but were retired after too much sun exposure proved to be harmful
The pipe Organ in the Haunted Mansion Ballroom is a recylcled prop from this movie.

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