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Can you explain why John wrote his books in the Bible? (NIV)?

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Why did John write the book of John? (John 20:31)
What did he want us to believe? (John 20:31)
By believing we can have what? (John 20:31)
To whom did John write the book of First John? (I John 5:13)
What did John write in the book of First John?
When John mentions 'these things' in I John 5:13 how many things are mentioned in First John?
What is the first thing mentioned? (I John 5:11)
What is the second thing mentioned? (I John 5:12a)
What is the third thing mentioned? I John 5:12b
He wrote First John to you who believe what?
Why did John write the book of First John? (I John 5:13)
What did John want you to know?

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