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The Bible - Timeline after Adam (NIV)

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Instead of using B.C. or A.D. what does A.C. stand for when viewing the timeline in Genesis?
In what year did the creation of animals, birds & fish occur (Days 5 & 6 of creation) - Genesis 1:21 & 1:25; this and all other answers should be stated in A.C. instead of B.C.
Year of Adam's creation by God; again stated in terms of A.C. (Day 6 of creation) - Genesis 1:26-27
Birth of Adam's son Seth (Adam was 130 years old) - Genesis 5:3
Birth of Seth's son Enosh (Seth was 105 years old) - Genesis 5:6
Birth of Enosh's son Kenan (Enosh was 90 years old) - Genesis 5:9
Birth of Kenan's son Mahalalel (Kenan was 70 years old) - Genesis 5:12
Birth of Mahalalel's son Jared (Mahalalel was 65 years old) - Genesis 5:15
Birth of Jared's son Enoch (Jared was 162 years old) - Genesis 5:18
Birth of Enoch's son Methuselah (Enoch was 65 years old) - Genesis 5:21
Birth of Methuselah's son Lamech (Methuselah was 187 years old) - Genesis 5:25
Number of generations alive at the same time when Lamech was born (Adam was Lamech's Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
Death of Adam (Adam was 930 years old) - Genesis 5:5
Enoch walked with God - so God took Enoch away when he was 365 years old so that he did not experience death - this is explained in both Genesis 5:21-24 and Hebrews 11:5-6
Additional verse that talks about Enoch
Death of Seth (Seth was 912 years old) - Genesis 5:8
Birth of Lamech's son Noah (Lamech was 182 years old) - Genesis 5:28
Death of Enosh (Enosh was 905 years old) - Genesis 5:11
Death of Kenan (Kenan was 910 years old) - Genesis 5:14
Death of Mahalalel (Mahalalel was 895 years old) - Genesis 5:17
Death of Jared (Jared was 962 years old) - Genesis 5:20
Birth of Shem (Shem was 100 years old 2 years after the flood) - Genesis 11:10
Death of Lamech (Lamech was 777 years old) - Genesis 5:31
Death of Methuselah (Methuselah was 969 years old) - Genesis 5:27
Great Flood - Genesis 7:6,11 (Noah was 600 years old)
Flood waters dried up from earth (Noah was 601 years old) - Genesis 8:13
Birth of Shem's son Arphaxad (Shem was 100 years old) - Genesis 11:10
Birth of Arphaxad's son Shelah (Arphaxad was 35 years old)
Birth of Shelah's son Eber (Shelah was 30 years old)
Birth of Eber's son Peleg (Eber was 34 years old) - Genesis 11:16
Birth of Peleg's son Reu (Peleg was 30 years old)
Birth of Reu's son Serug (Reu was 32 years old)
Birth of Serug's son Nahor (Serug was 30 years old) - Genesis 11:22
Birth of Nahor's son Terah (Nahor was 29 years old) - Genesis 11:24
Birth of Terah's son Abram (aka Abraham; Terah was 70 years old) - Genesis 11:26
Death of Peleg (209 years after birth of Reu) - Genesis 11:19
Death of Nahor (119 years after the birth of Terah) - Genesis 11:25
Death of Noah (Noah was 950 years old)
Death of Reu (207 years after the birth of Serug) - Genesis 11:21
Birth of Ishmael (Abram was 86 years old) - Genesis 16:16
Birth of Isaac (Abram was 100 years old) - Genesis 21:5
Death of Serug (200 years after the birth of Nahor)
Death of Arphaxad (403 years after Shelah's birth) - Genesis 11:13
Birth of Esau & Jacob (Isaac was 60 years old) - Genesis 25:24-26
Death of Abraham (Abraham was 175 years old) - Genesis 25:7-8
Death of Shelah (403 years after Eber's birth) - Genesis 11:15
Death of Shem (500 years after the birth of Arphaxad) - Genesis 11:11)
Death of Ishmael (Ishmael was 137 years old) - Genesis 25:17
Death of Eber (430 years after the birth of Peleg) - Genesis 11:17
Death of Isaac (Isaac was 180 years old) - Genesis 35:28-29
Death of Jacob (Jacob was 147 years old) - Genesis 47:28
Current year 2015 converted to Hebrew Calendar

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