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Can you recite the verses about Man's character from Genesis (NIV)?

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Genesis 1:26 - created in God's image
Genesis 1:27 - male and female
Genesis 4:8 - the first murder
Genesis 5:1 - made in the likeness of God
Genesis 5:2 - male and female
Genesis 5:3 - Seth in the likeness of Adam
Genesis 6:5 - man's wickedness
Genesis 6:6 - God's heart filled with pain because of men
Genesis 6:7 - mankind to be wiped off the earth
Genesis 6:8 - Noah found favor with God
Genesis 6:11 - Earth was corrupt
Genesis 6:12 - God saw man's corruption
Genesis 6:13 - God to put an end to all people (except Noah)
These verses help us understand why Jesus Christ had to die for our sins

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