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The Way We Talk -EP
'When she speaks it makes me grind my teeth, yet he still thinks she's amazing.' 
'No you can't save me, it's no fault but mine, please just blame me.' 
'Two years now since I met you, and I just can't forget you.' 
'You're running through my veins you feel like a freight train, I'm trying everything to keep my hands off of you.' 
'When I get the chance to expose the truth, I'm gonna make my move.' 
Stay Up Get Down -EP
'I've got an old suit case full of my old ways. But I tossed it away and I swollowed that key.' 
'Well you're a wreck and you know you got me wrapped around your finger.' 
'You're moving close, my pulse is racing. We're getting close, yeah I can taste it.' 
'There's a lot more to it than this, I'm not just trying to get in your bed.' 
Can't Stop Won't Stop
'Just feel the music, f*ck what they're saying. This is the moment that we've been waiting on.' 
'So to hell with the bad news, dirt on your new shoes. It rained all of May til the month of June' 
'I always freeze when I'm thinking of words to say.' 
'Two kids, one love. Who cares if we make it up.' 
'So check it out, I wrote it down in case you ever left us out.' 
'But now it's her, oh God now it's her. She's the type of girl that makes love...hurt.' 
'Head to toe, you know she's dressed to kill. And she could the way she's looking at me.' 
'With voices yelling in the front room, no one could tell us keep it down.' 
'She's gotta be something new to me, loose ends but no sign of stings.' 
'She keeps up on current affairs. Prada is what she wears.' 
'Oh back to our first cigarette. You know we can't forget all the faces that we've met.' 

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