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Hint/QuoteWho Am I?
Norse god. No, not the adopted one.
No need for a hint. I am Iron Man...
Fury's right hand...uh...woman...
I see better from a distance.
Best friend of Steve...
Just a rather very intelligent system
I put my boyfriend in a coma by kissing him.
I can fly because of my mutation....cover your ears.
Super jealous, my girlfriend killed me once...
I never said I was a pilot, Steve just assumed.
I can hide my mutation unless someone makes me angry then I turn all blue and furry.
Halle Berry...need I say more?
You may know me by another I kinda saved the galaxy once.
May or may not be related to Scott Summers
My girlfriends afraid to touch me
Steve owes me a dance...
I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your pelvis sorcery!
Played by a different actress every x-men movie except for the most recent ones..
Don't call me by my peasant name...
Just dont call me a rodent or anything, or else I'll kill you.
The adopted one...
Hint/QuoteWho Am I?
Love interest of the guy that got bit by a spider.
I have some anger issues...
I'm a spy for S.H.I.E.L.D....and I pretended to be Tony's assitant...
May or may not be the kid of Mystique and Azazel
I die a lot but come back alive all the time. I made Logan kill me so I couldnt hurt anyone else.
I've got some skills with a sword, and I don't have a mouth.
I hit my boyfriend with my car...twice....
'Nothing goes over my reflexes are to fast. I would catch it.'
I tried to cut my wings off because I was afraid my dad would hate me
I was having 12% of a moment.
My mom knew someone who could move he my dad?
I have an eye patch...
I know what you're thinking. I had hair once...but not anymore
Tony's best friend...
I turn into a diamond...
Jane's intern...
I got bit by a spider and now I can walk on walls....
The first Avenger.
Go ahead, try to kill me. I'm just gonna heal....
Are you wearing any metal, by chance?
I'm limited to three best friend is Rocket...

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