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Can you name the Survivor castaway who...?

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... was the only member of Bula Bula never to live at the fully-furnished Moto camp?Fiji
... earned the pet name 'Corazón' from an amorous lesbian shopkeeper?Pearl Islands
... won a glass of brackish Herbert River water at auction?The Australian Outback
... broke the Vanuatu immunity idol during a forceful victory celebration?Vanuatu
... was greeted in an AOL instant message with the compound phrase 'hibaby?'The Australian Outback
... did not face off against anyone else during the grub-eating second immunity challenge?Borneo
... wore a baseball cap advertising a restaurant called FLO'Z?Fiji
... attempted to vote for the person with individual immunity at the first Rattana Tribal Council?Borneo
... appraised the Hidden Immunity Idol from within a bubble bath?Cook Islands
... used their luxury item to help their tribe win an S.O.S. immunity challenge?Africa
... was chastised by Jeff Probst for using an obscure nickname on a vote?Thailand
... wrote a letter to Saboga warning them of a secret alliance between Ethan, Lex and Tom?All-Stars
... designed the first fake hidden immunity idol using a coconut shell?Fiji
... sat out the team fire-building reward challenge in episode four?The Amazon
... accused Judd Sergeant of having 'a problem with recall' at a heated Tribal Council?Guatemala
... received a home video of their SUV crashed into a traffic sign?Borneo
... made an outfit from the fabric provided for a kite-making reward challenge?Marquesas
... was originally supposed to have been cast in 'Survivor: Guatemala'?Panama
... found a pair of grapefruits during the 'concentration' reward challenge in episode four?Vanuatu
... was the last person chosen by Kota in the pick'em in episode four, much to the disapproval of Jeff Probst?Gabon
... attributed their potential success in a challenge to their prowess at sudoku?China
... accused Shii Ann Huang of trying to make an alliance with a bush?All-Stars
... commented that Jon Dalton was easily defeated in challenges because he's 'like a girl'?Pearl Islands
... participated in every post-merge reward, even if they did not win the challenge?Tocantins
... was a magician's assistant?Guatemala
... became engaged to a castaway from 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' after being voted off the show?Micronesia
... got into an argument with Roger Sexton about gay rights in episode two?The Amazon
... cast a misspelled vote for 'Luara'?Samoa
... made the game's first ever trip to Exile Island?Palau
... said they wore high heels to Tribal Council to look pretty for Jeff Probst?Samoa

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