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Can you name the celebrity by a description of their scandalous behavior?

Quiz Updated Aug 30, 2012

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1991 - He took a Big Adventure to the police station after getting dinged for indecent exposure in an adult theatre
1992 - This Irish musician made many cross by tearing up a picture of Pope John Paul II on SNL
1993 - The notorious Hollywood madam was busted for a prostitution ring; she'd later become a reality TV staple
1994 - Even for a sport based on the ice, her ex-husband's attack on rival ice skater Nancy Kerrigan was cold-blooded
1995 - This British actor was revealed as a Small Time Crook when caught in a tryst with a sex worker
1996 - This avant-garde chanteuse got Violently Happy and physically assaulted a reporter in a Bangkok airport
1997 - Some thought this neurotic director Bananas when he married his much-younger adopted daughter
1998 - He was the male half, along with Pam Anderson, of a video that showed a Mötley pair getting randy
1999 - This action star rocked his Hong Kong fanbase when he confessed to cheating on his wife with a beauty queen
2000 - Not as noble as his name, this Indiana University basketball coach was fond of chucking chairs across the court
2001 - This pixie actress was Interrupted by security while shoplifting from Saks Fifth Avenue
2002 - This pop singer was accused of Bad parenting after dangling his child off a fourth-floor balcony
2003 - The world became acquainted with this infamous heiress after the release of her sex tape with Rick Salomon
2004 - This singer-turned-actress couldn't dance her way out of being caught lip-syncing on SNL
2005 - This domestic diva ended up behind bars after finding out that insider trading is not a good thing
2006 - The titular Road Warrior lived up to his moniker, spitting anti-Semitic slurs after being pulled over for a DUI
2007 - This reality contestant fell from grace after being accused of racial bullying on Celebrity Big Brother UK
2008 - Fame proved Toxic for this pop singer - she shaved her head and wound up in rehab
2009 - A hole-in-one wasn't enough: this golf pro got busted by over a dozen mistresses
2010 - This motorcycle enthusiast got chopped by the public when he cheated on Sandra Bullock

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