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Can you name the alphabetical trivia about Mortal Kombat?

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ANetherrealm denizen who slays demons with her Kriss to ascend from Hell
BShady criminal organization that houses Kano, Kira, Kabal and Kobra
CHavik's home realm, constantly embroiled in conflict with Seido
DAvatar used by the Dragon King to dupe Shujinko into collecting the Kamidogu
ECrimson-clad fighter who owes his existence to false arcade rumours
FWind god who first appears as a boss in MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero
GReal name Hal Jordan; one of the playable heroes in MK vs. DC Universe
HMaligned Mongolian operative for the Red Dragon; mercifully killed by Jax
IElectronica band behind the iconic 'Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)'
JBlack Dragon operative who debuted in Mortal Kombat 4
KPrincess of Edenia and former assassin for Shao Kahn
LMembers of this ninja faction include Sub-Zero and Frost
MGnarly-looking mutant clone of the Edenian princess mentioned above
NShadowy figure originally known as the older Sub-Zero
ODragon King whose attempt at power was both enabled and thwarted by Shujinko
PThe bottom of this arena was the original home of hidden character Reptile
QOne half of the Deadly Alliance, along with Shang Tsung
ROutworld general who likes to try on other people's helmets
SThe four-armed race of Goro, Kintaro and Sheeva
TFaction of cybernetic ninjas assembled by Sektor
UThe first expanded version of the third Mortal Kombat game
VThis race is represented in-game only by Deadly Alliance character Nitara
WLiu Kang was training here when he was murdered by the Deadly Alliance
X*X is the last letter in the name of this robotic assassin
YFighting arena trapped halfway been Earthrealm and Outworld
ZHome realm of Reptile's race that has since been absorbed into Outworld

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