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Can you name the characters from the 'Ace Attorney' video game series?

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'Objection'able protagonist of the first three games
Sidekick and shape-shifting spirit medium; 'Steel Samurai' enthusiast
Bumbling but good-hearted betrenchcoated detective
Icy prosecutor and star of his own spin-off game series
'Deceased' boss who still shows up every now and again to say 'hi'
Tiny medium-in-training with a heart as big as her forehead
Clueless and easily-swayed arbiter of the courtroom
Fourth-game protagonist who boasts 'Chords of Steel'
Junior magician with a lot of things in her panties... even the truth
Wannabe forensic investigator and Snackoo enthusiast
Taser-wielding Teutonic terror with an undefeated record in the courtroom
Whip-wielding wunderkind prosecutor and daughter of the above
Master thief (in training) and daughter of the original Yatagarasu
Wolfen Interpol agent with a hate-on for prosecutors
Visor-wearing defense attorney turned prosecutor; noted coffee consumer
Lead singer of 'the Gavinners' with a taste for using chains in his decor
So-called 'rookie killing' prosecutor who doesn't do well under pressure (or in general)
Disgraced former defense attorney with the world's most opulant solitary prison cell
When something smells, it's usually this womanizer and would-be artist
Deceptive villainess whose sweet appearance disguises her sociopathic tendencies
Flamboyant Chief of Police who's always up for a trip to the pool
Two-faced star of 'The Nickel Samurai' who is refreshing like a spring breeze
Allebahstian ambassador whose amiable act hides something sinister
Duplicitous defense attorney who doesn't take herself (or anything else) very seriously
The man behind 'The Steel Samurai' with a face only a mother could love
Security expert of a certain age with a mouth as dangerous as her ray gun
Police officer turned waitress and 'Goddess of Misfortune'
Defense attorney, blackmail victim, hemmhoroid sufferer and vivid recaller of lemons
Visually-impaired Borginian songbird and former magician's assistant
Tabloid photographer from the heartland with a big attitude and bigger hair

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