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Which country did Cindy Stone return from the day before her murder?The First Turnabout
What is the name of Redd White's intelligence gathering organization?Turnabout Sisters
What is the name of the villain character portrated by Jack Hammer on 'The Steel Samurai'?Turnabout Samurai
At which park does the murder of Robert Hammond take place?Turnabout Goodbyes
What is the name of Jake Marshall's pet cactus?Rise from the Ashes
With what implement does the culprit strike Phoenix Wright, causing him to lose his memory?The Lost Turnabout
How many patients were killed in the malpractice incident at Grey Surgical Clinic?Reunion, and Turnabout
What prize was Max Galactica award by the Association of International Magicians?Turnabout Big Top
Where was the camera used to spy on Juan Corrida's hotel room hidden?Farewell, My Turnabout
What university did the killer, victim and defendant in this case attend?Turnabout Memories
At which security company are Ron DeLite and Larry Butz employed?The Stolen Turnabout
Where does Victor Kudo spend most of his time, feeding pigeons?Recipe for Turnabout
What alias does Dahlia Hawthorne use at the beginning of the case?Turnabout Beginnings
Which cold shack was a temporary home for Laurice Deauxnim?Bridge to the Turnabout
Which card does Apollo Justice eventually find crumpled in an empty wine bottle (number and suit)?Turnabout Trump
At which park, near the Wright Anything Agency, was Pal Meraktis murdered?Turnabout Corner
What deadly disease can only be remedied by the Borginian cocoon?Turnabout Serenade
Which virtual reality program does Phoenix Wright use to walk the jurists through the case?Turnabout Succession
What is the code name of the bomb that destroyed Courtroom No. 4?Turnabout Countdown
What is the name of Florent L'Belle's personal line of cosmetics?The Monstrous Turnabout
What brand of ink is advertised on the outside of Myriam Scuttlebutt's cardboard box?Turnabout Academy
What number is displayed on Clay Terran's oxygen tank in the video footage of the moments before the murder?The Cosmic Turnabout
What was the name of Athena Cykes' mother, the victim of the UR-1 Incident?Turnabout for Tomorrow
Who was the villain of the Swashbuckler Spectacular, potrayed by Jack Shipley?Turnabout Reclaimed
What was Jacques Portsman's nickname for the victim, Buddy Faith?Turnabout Visitor
At which airport does iFly Airlines Flight I-390 land?Turnabout Airlines
Which character is described as 'a vile criminal with a gun!'?The Kidnapped Turnabout
What snack does Kay Faraday share with Detective Gumshoe?Turnabout Reminiscence
What flowers does Ambassador Alba grow in his office?Turnabout Ablaze
What does Shelly de Killer pose as when interrogated by Edgeworth?Turnabout Target
What is the name of the Indian elephant who performs in the Berry Big Circus animal show?The Imprisoned Turnabout
What is the prize for the winner of Jeff Master's (Issei Tenkai's) dessert competition?The Inherited Turnabout
On which floor of the Grand Tower (Big Tower) is the storeroom for the illegal evidence auction?The Forgotten Turnabout
Which monster is featured in the movie being filmed during the events of this case?The Grand Turnabout

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