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Can you name the alphabetical trivia from the Ace Attorney series?

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AAlliterative manager to the stars turned exhibit organizer
BWriggling police station mascot with its own theme park
CEuropean republic which split into Allebahst and Babahl
DIdentity adopted by Larry Butz during his brief stint as a painter
EFoppish prosecutor turned intrepid investigator
FAlias of Dahlia Hawthorne during her attempt to frame Terry Fawles
GRock band responsible for hits like 'Guilty Love' and 'The Guitar's Serenade'
HClinic where both Ini Miney and Franziska von Karma underwent surgery
IHigh-class airline with luxurious flights and hideous luggage
JRookie attorney and newest hire of the Wright Anything Agency
KCodename for the case involving the murders of Deid Mann and Cece Yew
LBorginian songbird who sings 'The Guitar's Serenade' with Kristoph Gavin
MMasked super-thief who dancingly descends on his prizes
NHomeland of the Steel Samurai, which he defends from the Evil Magistrate
OWaitress, photog, and double dealer employed at the Borscht Bowl Club
PLock detected by the Magatama which hide a person's deepest secrets
QAged ambassador to Allebahst and former military hero
RThe only case without 'Turnabout' in its title; introduces Ema Skye
S'Cough-Up Queen' with lunchboxes to suit her many moods
TJean Armstrong's deceptively named, incredibly unpopular French restaurant
UHome of Ami Fey's spirit; broken by no fewer than four people at various times
VTerse and unflappable producer of The Steel Samurai
WLoquacious CEO of Bluecorp and unscrupulous gatherer of information
XDahlia Hawthorne's cold medicine of choice
YDozy boathouse caretaker and prominent figure in the DL-6 incident
ZEastern republic that's home to Shi-Long Lang and Shih-Na

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