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What Tailed Beast is Inside Naruto?Also known as the Kuubii
Who sealed it into Naruto?Konoha's Yellow Flash
Who was Naruto's First true friend?teacher
Who was Naruto's Sensei?Copy Ninja
Who is Naruto's Rival?
Who is the third member of Naruto's squad?
Who is a complete genius?
Who is his cousin?
What clan is able to get the Sharingan?
Who is the only person who was not a part of this clan to earn it?
What is the special ability of the Hyuga Clan?
Who was the mastermind behind the attack on Konoha?
Who has the One tails?...of the desert
Who uses the puppet master jutsu?owner of 'crow'
Who is the toad that helped Naruto defeat the One Tails?
QuestionAnswerFun fact or possible hint...
What jutsu was used to torture Kakashi?goddess of the moon
Who is Itachi Uchiha's Partner?
Who is the fifth Hokage?
Who is the fifth member of the sound 4?bone
What did Orochimaru give Sasuke?
Where did Sasuke and Naruto fight?
What akatsuki member do you see after Naruto and Sasuke's fight?sneak peek
What jutsu did Jiraiya teach Naruto?
For how long does Naruto travel with Jiraiya?
What hidden villiage did Orochimaru make?
Did the Chunin Exams actually finish?so much for that
Who was the only genin to make chinin?200 IQ
What was Naruto's first 'real' jutsu?
What forces cursed seals into level 2?Sakon has these

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