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Can you name the words ending with -ary

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Had a little lamb
Kind of future-minded session
Involves the Gloria Patri and Our Father
Least delicious kind of restrictions
Stories suitable for around the campfire
First to summit Everest or last to lose the DNC nomination
Destructive device
Flag is red, white, and green
Black History month
Subsidiary, auxillary
State, Energy, Commerce... (position)
Where the dead are stored
VIP, typically foreign
Not optional
Hessian, for example
Results may _______
Actress Jones
'This is a quiz about words ending with -ary'
Brackish zone
Stat master, assesses risk
Harbinger of cavern death
Writer of children's classics
Exclamation to Watson
Little river leading to big one
From Old French for 'clerk'
From Latin for 'healthy'
TR's update to the Monroe Doctrine
Non-freeware software
Medicine for gerbils

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