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Can you name the years CE/AD (using Arabic Numerals) that use at least six each of the seven Roman Numerals (with no repetitions)?

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Event(s)Year (CE/AD)Roman Numeral
Wheelbarrow invented in China
Year of the Consulship of Aetius and Symmachus
Birth of Hashim, Muhammad's paternal great-grandfather
Gothic Thodoric II killed and replaced by younger brother
Uthman becomes third Muslim Caliph upon Umar's death
Arab conquest ends 1000 years of Greco-Roman presence in Alexandria
British Isles: Three monarchs die; Celtic Church rites abandoned at Synod of Whitby; plague decimates Wales
Chinese monks develop chariot that incorporates compass, gears
Viking Northumbria falls to English
Buyids defeat Mosulites at Baghdad
First Holy Roman Emperor deposes Pope Benedict V
'Baptism of Poland' begins traditional Polish state
First Templar stronghold established
Sicilians capture Tripoli
Henry II exiles Thomas à Becket over clerical power
Maimonides begins commentary on the Mishna
Council of Constance begins, addressing three-Popes controversey
Republic of Ragusa becomes first European state to outlaw slavery
Cambridge's Kings College founded
King Władysław III of Poland dies during Crusade against Turks
Albanians defeat Ottomans at Mokra
Korean Hangul alphabet created; Blarney Stone set in Ireland
Amerigo Vespucci born
Johannes Gutenberg produces first printed Bible
Event(s)Year (CE/AD)Roman Numeral
Bucharest first appears in historical record
Duke of York deposes Henry VI during War of the Roses
Pope Pius II dies trying to lead a new Crusade
Moroccan revolt overthrows Marinds and leads to persecution of Jews
First German bible published
Rats first observed in North America
Lutherans and Catholics begin Schmalkaldic War
Birth of Galileo
Spanish doubloon first minted
Barents begins search for Northwest Passage
First flush toilet installed
Pocahontas marries John Rolfe
Catholic theologians declare that heliocentrism is 'foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical'
John Cotton promotes modern observance of Levitical law
Last Ming Dynasty emperor commits suicide
First North American hospital founded
English Civil War ends
Russia and Poland begin Thirteen Years' War over Ukraine
Baruch Spinoza expelled from Jewish Community
First known checque/check written
Oliver Cromwell's body exhumed and posthumously executed
Kronenbourg Brewery founded in Strasbourg
Final major outbreak of Bubonic plague in the British Isles
Great Fire in London

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