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Can you name the mutual song titles given their vowels?

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Duffy -> Kanye West-e--y
Kanye West -> Heart-ea---e--
Heart -> Jefferson Starship-a-a
Jefferson Starship -> Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony-o -ay ou-
Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony -> The Temptations-a-a-i-e
The Temptations -> The Cranberries-u-- -y i-a-i-a-io-
The Cranberries -> Fleetwood Mac--ea--
Fleetwood Mac -> Kenny G-o---i--
Kenny G -> Huey Lewis and the News-ea-- a-- -ou-
Huey Lewis and the News -> Celine Dion--e -o-e- o- -o-e
Celine Dion -> Lionel Richie-y -o-e
Lionel Richie -> Eaglesa-- -i--- -o--
Eagles -> Kelly Clarksona--ea-y -o-e
Kelly Clarkson -> Faith Hill--y
Faith Hill -> Roxette--ea--e
Roxette -> John Denveri'- -o--y
John Denver -> Bread--ee- -u--e--e-
Bread -> Janet Jacksoni-
Janet Jackson -> Alice in Chainsa-ai-
Alice in Chains -> Aerosmith-u---i-e
Aerosmith -> Brittney Spears--a-y
Brittney Spears -> Kanye West---o--e-
Kanye West -> Black Eyed Peas-ey -a-a
Black Eyed Peas -> Roberta Flack--e-e i- --e -o-e
Roberta Flack -> Bad Company-ee- -i-e -a-i-' -o-e
Bad Company -> Poison--oo-i-- --a-
Poison -> REM--a--
REM -> The Cars--i-e
The Cars -> Calvin Harris-e-'- -o
Calvin Harris -> Bostoni -ee- -ou- -o-e
Boston -> Level 42-o-e--i-- a-ou- -ou
Level 42 -> Thin Lizzy--e -u- -oe- -o--
Thin Lizzy -> AC\DC-ai---ea-
AC\DC -> Guns N' Rosesa-y--i-- -oe-
Guns N' Roses -> Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers--ea--o--
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers -> Pink Floyd-ea--i-- -o --y
Pink Floyd -> Scorpions-ey -ou
Scorpions -> Madonna-o-i-ay
Madonna -> Michael Jackson-u-a- -a-u-e
Michael Jackson -> U2-a-
U2 -> Metallicao-e
Metallica -> Dire Straits-a-e -o --a--
Dire Straits -> Bruce Springsteen-u--e- o- -o-e
Bruce Springsteen -> Candlebox-o-e- -e
Candlebox -> David Bowie--a--e-
David Bowie -> Faith No Morea--e- -o a--e-
Faith No More -> Sheryl Crowea-y
Sheryl Crow -> Staind-o-e
Staind -> Lenny Kravitz-e-ie-e
Lenny Kravitz -> Faith Evansa-ai-
Faith Evans -> Sérgio Mendes-e-e- -o--a -e- -ou -o

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