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SPORTS: 1 Pitcher to Throw a World Series No-Hitter
GEOGRAPHY: 1 Country that Fits this Pattern: -ie---e---ei-
MUSIC: 1 Person Inducted 3 Times into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
MOVIES: 1 Fantasy Film to Win the Oscar for Best Picture
TELEVISION: 1 Sitcom to Run for >20 Seasons
JUST FOR FUN: 1 Organic Birthstone
MISCELLANEOUS: 1 University with a >$30 Billion Endowment
HISTORY: 1 British Monarch from the House of Stewart
LITERATURE: 1 Steinbeck Novel to Win the Pulitzer Prize
LANGUAGE: 1 Number Whose Letters are in Alphabetical Order
SCIENCE: 1 Planet Beginning with 2 Consecutive Vowels
GAMING: 1 Arcade Game Released by Namco in 1980
ENTERTAINMENT: 1 Play to Win all 4 Tony Awards for Acting in a Single Year
RELIGION: 1 Norse God of Thunder
HOLIDAY: 1 Red-Nosed Reindeer
SPORTS: 2 Countries to Win 2 Football World Cups 4 Years Apart
GEOGRAPHY: 2 Countries Containing 3 Successive Consecutive Letters of the Alphabet
MUSIC: 2 White Stripes Members
MOVIES: 2 Pixar Movies Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture
TELEVISION: 2 People Named Dick to Play Darrin in Bewitched
JUST FOR FUN: 2 Swedish Car Companies Sold Widely in the United States
MISCELLANEOUS: 2 African-Americans Worth >$1 Billion
HISTORY: 2 Former US Vice Presidents to be Elected President Twice
LITERATURE: 2 Helpers of the Cat in the Hat
LANGUAGE: 2 Official UN Languages not Spoken by the Majority of Any Permanent Security Council Member
SCIENCE: 2 Families of Mammal which Lay Eggs
GAMING: 2 Mario Brothers
ENTERTAINMENT: 2 Certainties According to Defoe and Franklin
RELIGION: 2 Principle Branches of Islam
HOLIDAY: 2 Jewish High Holidays
SPORTS: 3 Squads to Win Multiple Cricket World Cups
GEOGRAPHY: 3 Principle (>5%) Ethnicities of Kyrgyzstan
MUSIC: 3 Bs of Classical Music
MOVIES: 3 Star Wars PrequelFilms
TELEVISION: 3 Tonight Show Hosts with an L in their Names
JUST FOR FUN: 3 Ingredients in a Dirty Martini
MISCELLANEOUS: 3 Fortune 500 Companies (2014 ranking) Starting with Fa-
HISTORY: 3 World Leaders at the 1945 Yalta Conference
LITERATURE: 3 Shakespearean Plays Whose Title Contains the Letter J
LANGUAGE: 3 Non-African Countries Where Portuguese is an Official Language
SCIENCE: 3 Elements which Comprise at Least 0.5% of Earth's Atmosphere
GAMING: 3 Female Suspects in Clue/Cluedo
ENTERTAINMENT: 3 Major Peanuts Characters Beginning with S
RELIGION: 3 Deities in the Hindu Trimurti
HOLIDAY: 3 Days in the Christian Tridium
SPORTS: 4 NBA Teams with at Least 5 Championships
GEOGRAPHY: 4 Asian Countries with 4-Letter Names
MUSIC: 4 Beatles
MOVIES: 4 James Bond Actors not Born in England
TELEVISION: 4 Major Seinfeld Characters
JUST FOR FUN: 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
MISCELLANEOUS: 4 Greek/Roman Humors
HISTORY: 4 Names of at Least 14 Roman Catholic Popes
LITERATURE: 4 J.R.R. Tolkien Books Made into Peter Jackson Films
LANGUAGE: 4 Seasons in German, French, or Spanish
SCIENCE: 4 1-Word Simple Machines
GAMING: 4 Historical Rulers Represented by Kings in a Deck of Cards
ENTERTAINMENT: 4 Models Appearing on >2 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers
RELIGION: 4 Countries with >20 Million Buddhists
HOLIDAY: 4 American Holidays Whose Dates Never Change

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