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Can you identify which of the two countries is at least twice as great quantatively in each category?

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CategoryCountry Twice as Much
Brazil or Bulgaria? Total Olympic Medals
Algeria or Bosnia and Herzegovina? Premier League Player Birth Place (since 1992)
Finland or South Africa? Formula 1 World Championship drivers
Croatia or Liechtenstein? Highest individual income tax rate (%)
Kyrgyzstan or Vietnam? Opiate users per capita (%)
Latvia or Norway? Number of Eurovision Song Contest wins
Central African Republic or Sri Lanka? Score on Human Development Index
Cuba or St. Lucia? Divorces per Marriage (%)
Jordan or Niger? Muslim population (millions)
Brunei or Paraguay? Point above sea level (m)
Iran or Venezuela? Oil exports (million barrels/day)
Argentina or Iceland? Age of current constitution (years old)
Czechia or Kuwait? Cancer prevalency per 100,000 people
Andorra or Belize? Native Spanish speakers (thousands)
Israel or Lithuania? Current FIDE chess Grandmasters
Romania or South Korea? Nobel Lauriates
Belgium or Mexico? Alcohol consumption per capita (L/year)
Austria or Taiwan? Annual foreign tourists (millions)
Spain or Sweden? Car exports ($billion/year)
Netherlands or Uruguay? FIFA World Cup titles
Chad or Switzerland? Personal handguns (thousands)
Australia or Ukraine? Wheat exports (billion$US/year)
Democratic Republic of the Congo or Philippines? Annual homicides (thousands)
Nicaragua or Singapore? Public debt as % of GDP
Indonesia or Poland? McDonalds restaurants
France or Papua New Guinea? Unshared islands with 100,000+ population
Albania or Haiti? Years since independence
Malaysia or United Arab Emirates? Buildings over 300m
Kenya or Peru? UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Estonia or North Korea? Total Kilometers of Roads (thousands)
Lebanon or Montenegro? Mobile phones per capita
Hungary or Nepal? Road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants annually
Sudan or Thailand? Forested area (thousand km²)
Chile or Costa Rica? Active Volcanoes
Georgia or Mongolia? Farthest Distance from Kyrgyzstan (km)
Denmark or Turkey? Military expenditures per capita ($US/year)
Azerbaijan or Russia? Border with Georgia (km)
Morocco or Uzbekisatan? Total railway length (thousands of km)
Cyprus or Ethiopia? Mentions in the King James Bible
Bahrain or Turkmenistan? Total Internet Users (thousands)
India or Madagascar? Endemic land vertibrate species
China or USA? Total dog ownership (millions)
Japan or Kiribati? Number of inhabited islands
Canada or Germany? Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film
Iraq or Tanzania? Land area (thousand km²)
Greece or Ireland? Settings for Shakespearean plays
New Zealand or Pakistan? World squash singles world championships (men and women)
Afghanistan or Malawi? Infant Mortality Rate (per 1,000 live births)
Italy or Saudi Arabia? GDP (nominal total, $billion/year)
Monaco or Slovenia? Total coastline (km)

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