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DescriptionCharacter Name
Eldest charmed one with the original power to move things with her mind
WAS the youngest sister with the original power of premonition
Half witch Half whitelighter charmed one
Sister who went from the middle to the eldest, which could freeze time
Whitelighter that married into the Halliwell's
Demonic lawyer that fell in love with the youngest sister
Prue's high school boyfriend which reformed after the sisters got their powers
Ex-baseball player who moves next door
Auction worker that falls for the oldest sister
First born who turns evil
Was once a groovy flower child before focusing on her witchcraft
DescriptionCharacter Name
Beginning of the magical family
Mother of the Charmed ones
Whitelighter and youngest witch's father
The 3 eldest sister's father
Witch trying to find her big sister christie
Son that comes from the future to protect his big brother
Long time friend of the sisters and inspector
Man of love that marries the advice columnist
Cop and later marries the half witch half whitelighter
Advice columness' boss

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