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ClueCharacter Name
Dark brooding vampire who falls in love with the Slayer
Glory's human half
Big headed cheerleader
The youngest of the Summers women
Potential slayer who shares the same name as a partner
the 3rd slayer called to Sunnydale
School librarian then magic shop owner
Anya's best demon friend
Blue demon that possesed Fred
Nerdy magic boy who went to high school with the gang
hooved demon who killed Faith's watcher
The Master's vessel to break free
One of the first potentials to arrive and is later stabbed to death by caleb
ClueCharacter Name
Principal wood's slayer mother
Old love of Anya's that she turns into a troll
Dumb basketball player, who gets taught by willow
Member of the watchers council
The only principal to stay alive at Sunnydale High
Enemy of the scoobies for around 5 years then joins the gang
Willow's female partner and witch
Tougher than the average vampire
Female werewolf
Member of the trio who made robot people
Member of the scoobie gang with no powers
Second name of 2nd slayer (Kendra)
Vampire in season 3 episode Helpless

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