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Forced Order
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Vince stars in a movie along side ...
This movie is ...
His brother ... thinks they messed his eye colour on the black and white movie poster
Turtle says ... sent back 300 000 one sheets because they made his dick look small in sweatpants
Vince has his big movie ... tonight.
Drama's only line in the movie is ...
Eric sees Vince's agent ... at the premiere
He is angry that Vince hasn't read the ... script yet
Turtle finds a girl for E that loves to give ...
According to Vince, good actors ...
Turtle gets a dog named ...
Vince and the boys run into ... and his crew
Vince gets a Matterhorn movie offer for ...
Turtle says big stars have big ... (ex. Bruce Willis)
Drama wasn't on NYPD Blue, he was on ...
According to Ari, The New Republic say E doesn't know what the ...
Drama and Turtle convince Eric that his ex-girlfriend is **** ...
'Well, your just going to have to tell her, this is my no fly zone, if she enters my ... , she's going down.
Eric yells at Turtle to go pick up pairs of ... headsets.
Turtle drives away with a bumper sticker that reads ...

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