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What time was it when Mary Margaret and David first kissed in Storybrooke?
Where is Henry's favorite place in Storybrooke?
What is the character whose child version was horribly miscast?
What character did Hook try to sleep with in the middle of season three? (that wasn't Emma)
How are dwarves born?
Who frees Belle from the psychiatric hospital?
Where has every single 'true love' couple met thus far?
What character is notably #barefoot?
Who was the Author before Isaac Heller?
What character did Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz want to have in season one, but couldn't get the rights to?
How old does Hook insist that he is?
What do Emma, Henry, and Snow like in their hot chocolate?
In the finale of season four, what character from the Disney canon is Emma meant to represent?
When was Emma born?
Which three characters can leave Storybrooke without suffering from severe memory loss?
Which character is portrayed by the largest number of actors?
Who was the Dark One before Rumplestiltskin?
What time was the clock tower in Storybrooke stuck on for 28 years?
What filed in OUAT's time slot the past two years during the midseason hiatus?
What does Hook call the Jolly Roger when he's drunk?

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