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1928Edmund Lawrence
1930Arthur Hurley
1930John Ford
1930Irving Cummings
1931Alfred Santell
1931Hobart Henley
1931 Irving Cummings
1932 Thornton Freeland
1932 Mervyn LeRoy (uncredited)
1932Mervyn LeRoy
1934Chester Erskine
1936Archie Mayo
1936William Keighley
1936William C. McGann
1936Ray Enright
1936Frank McDonald
1937Archie Mayo
1937William Dieterle
1937Lloyd Bacon
1937Michael Curtiz
1937Lloyd Bacon
1937William Wyler
1937Tay Garnett
1938Ray Enright
1938Lewis Seiler
1938Busby Berkeley
1938Lloyd Bacon
1938Anatole Litvak
1938Michael Curtiz
1939Lewis Seiler
1939Lloyd Bacon
1939Lewis Seiler
1939Edmund Goulding
1939Raoul Walsh
1939Vincent Sherman
1939Lloyd Bacon
1940Michael Curtiz
1940Lewis Seiler
1940Lloyd Bacon
1940Raoul Walsh
1940Raoul Walsh
1941Ray Enright
1941John Huston
1941Vincent Sherman
1942Lewis Seiler
1942John Huston
1942Michael Curtiz
1943Lloyd Bacon
1943Zoltan Korda
1944Michael Curtiz
1944Howard Hawks
1945Curtis Bernhardt
1946Howard Hawks
1947John Cromwell
1947Peter Godfrey
1947 Delmer Daves
1948John Huston
1948John Huston
1949Nicholas Ray
1949Stuart Heisler
1950Stuart Heisler
1950Nicholas Ray
1951Bretaigne Windust
1951Curtis Bernhardt
1951John Huston
1952Richard Brooks
1952Hal Walker (uncredited)
1953John Huston
1954Edward Dmytryk
1954Billy Wilder
1954Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1955Michael Curtiz
1955Edward Dmytryk
1955William Wyler
1956Mark Robson

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