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Can you name the ingenious expressions the English language is lacking?

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Snuggle into the sofa by the fireplace feeling all... 
The general spirit or feeling of an era 
Enjoyment derived from someone else's misfortune 
Strong desire to explore the world 
The longing to be somewhere far away 
Lacking the energy to get out of bed 
A peace offering to a wife from a guilty husband 
A person who can think of nothing but his field of expertise 
The fear that time is running out to act (border is closing, biological clock is ticking) 
The rest of the day after the workday is over 
An improvement that actually makes things worse 
Sadness over the evils of the world 
An intense feeling of oppression, anxiety or inner turmoil 
A face that cries out for a slap 
A look-alike of a person 
Thinking of a witty comeback only after it is too late to deliver it 
Living for work, living the same old routine 
The illusion of having already experienced a situation before 
A word derived by combining two or more separate words 
A person whose unconventional behavior or work disturbs others 
The desire for or attraction to crudity, vulgarity, depravity, etc. 
The urge to throw oneself off of high places 
The absence of anything annoying or irritating, and the presence of comforting, gentle, and soothing things 

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