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Can you answer the questions about the biggest company in the world... in TWO MINUTES?!

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This Apple product has three types: Original; Sport; Edition
The app store's best selling paid app (as of 4.8.15) is...?
This Apple product has versions under the name of Air and Air 2
Who is the current CEO of Apple?
Who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs?
How many bites does the Apple logo have (in 2015)?
___% of app store apps are never downloaded.
What was Apple's revolutionary commercial called that aired in 1984 during the Super Bowl?`
What is Apple's cloud storage called?
What company actually makes Apple's retina display?
What is the name for Apple's electronic payment service?
The Apple I cost...? You may answer in $, €, £ or ¥. YOU MUST HAVE THE CURRENCY SYMBOL!
What company did Jobs found when he was ejected from Apple? (Hint: Apple later bought this company, along with Jobs).
Steve Jobs dropped the first iPod prototype into a ___ to see if there was any empty spaces.
What did Apple develop to allow people to buy music for their devices?

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