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Can you name the Top 10 Horror Film Killers?

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(# of Films)KillerSignature Move
1. (12)Killing people whilst wearing an old-school hockey goalie mask.
2. (10)Walking really, really, really slow, yet still catching his victims.
3. (9)Killing kids in their dreams with his man-made wolverine claw.
4.(7)Really, really f**king with peoples heads, and playing games.
5. (9)Being summoned from hell, and having loads of pins in his head.
6. (5)Continuing to be reconstructed by idiots despite being a killer doll.
7.(6)Bringing Jennifer Aniston to the world's attention.
8. (6)Doing bad things to people with a chainsaw.
9. (5)Eating someone's liver with some fava beans and nice Chianti.
10. (4)Killing people whilst wearing his mother's clothes.

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