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Does this word appear in the Avril Lavigne song (type Y for yes or N for no)?

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4 Real: 'thing'?
Rock N Roll: 'they'?
Keep Holding On: 'once'?
Bitchin' Summer: 'got'?
The Best Damn Thing: 'her'?
Nobody's Fool: 'as'?
Falling Fast: 'now'?
Fly: 'I'?
17: 'then'?
Losing Grip: 'afraid'?
Things I'll Never Say: 'something'?
Alone: 'that'?
Contagious: 'just'?
I Will Be: 'anything'?
Not Enough: 'anything'?
Why: 'back'?
Too Much To Ask: 'look'?
Mobile: 'you'?
Hot: 'love'?
Not Enough: 'away'?
He Wasn't: 'you'?
My Happy Ending: 'feel'?
What The Hell: 'around'?
Take Me Away: 'them'?
Runaway: 'world'?
Fall To Pieces: 'this'?
Bad Girl: 'anything'?
Don't Tell Me: 'we'?
Contagious: 'right'?
Remember When: 'time'?
Get Over It: 'how'?
Sk8er Boi: 'after'?
Forgotten: 'ever'?
Complicated: 'live'?
Smile: 'just'?

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