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1. Who is described as having married his high school sweetheart?
2. What is Eloise Hawking eating while talking to Desmond in 1996?
3. Which two characters do we see having their hair cut on the island?
4. Which character was in the Scouts?
5. Which character said he couldn't swim in Season 1 but was shown swimming in Season 3?
6. What is the combination to the armory that Ana Lucia gives Michael?
7. How many different death scenarios did Desmond see for Charlie in Season 3?
8. What food does Hurley take off a tray in the hallway at Santa Rosa?
9. What is Kate's temporary mother-in-law's name?
10. What color is the top Libby tries on while doing laundry in the hatch with Hurley?
11. What is one of the things Ben shouts to the bunny while he is shaking its cage?
12. What game are Miles and Hurley playing in the courtyard of the Temple?
13. Who does Sawyer describe as 'three men and a baby'?
14. According to Isabel, what is the English translation of Jack's tattoos?
15. How long is Sayid married to Nadia?
16. Whose Phil Collins tape does Sawyer steal to give to Kate?
17. Which New York dance company offers Shannon an internship?
18. What movie did Juliet pretend to put on for Jack when she was really asking him to kill Ben?
19. What is Locke's foster sister's name?
20. From which country did Widmore obtain the 324 bodies for the fake Oceanic 815 wreck?
21. Which two characters receive birthday presents on the island?
22. What kind of sandwich does Goodwin bring Juliet and Ben?
23. What kind of witness is Jack in Kate's trial?
24. What does Caesar find under the desk in the Hydra station?
25. What does he give Ilana when she walks in?
26. How does Helen Norwood die?
27. Who does Ilana say hired her to transport Sayid to Guam?
28. What are Nadia's last words to Sayid? (in English)
29. What is Penny's phone number?
30. What two parents die on the same calendar date in different years?
31. What item does Radzinsky fear Sayid has seen?
32. What are the first three numbers of the code to the jamming equipment in the Looking Glass?
33. Who doesn't really have a sister?
34. What is the name of the policeman who visits Claire in the hospital?
35. In what subject does Dr. Ben Linus have his PhD?
36. When is Walt's birthday?
37. As Michael is boarding the Kahana, what is the first thing Miles says to him?
38. What is Miles eating at the time?
39. Which two island characters are from Manchester?
40. What psychological term does Hurley use to describe Jack chopping wood like Sawyer usually does?
41. What name does Sayid go by when working as a chef?
42. What is the first word Jin reads from the dictionary Sun makes him?
43. What are Danielle's first words to Alex after Ben introduces her?
44. What three adjectives does Mikhail use to explain why Kate, Sayid, and Locke are not on 'the list'? (their flaws)
45. Which naturally aging-character was played over a 40-year period by the same actor?
46. Which three additional people do the Oceanic Six say survived the initial 815 crash?
47. What is the combination for the safe behind the painting in Ben's house?
48. Which two characters tell Hurley 'You make your own luck?'
49. What is the name of the Dharma submarine?
50. What kind of bird slams into Walt's window in Sydney?
51. What's black, white, and red all over?
52. When Charlie is asking people to write messages home for the raft, who responds, 'I gave at the office?'
53. What is written on the back of Nadia's photo?
54. What does Aaron ask Kate for in the supermarket?
55. What toy did young Liam receive for Christmas in Fire + Water?
56. Which two characters falsely claim to be from Canada?
57. Which character is actually from Canada?
58. According to Penny, what is the one thing we need to survive?
59. At which Dharma station does Goodwin work?
60. Where does Hurley write Jacob's directions to the Lighthouse?
61. What song is Charlie working on as Claire cuts his hair?
62. Sun's dog's name is Bpo Bpo. What does it mean in English?
63. How much did Buster crap out in nickels?
64. How does Boone refer to his mother when explaining his job?
65. How many beats has the metronome counted since Daniel started playing the piano?
66. Miles says he doesn't believe in a lot of things, but what does he believe in?
67. What boxed gift does Sayid give Shannon?
68. Who once worked as a set designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company?
69. What color is love?
70. What was the headline on the newspaper (Le Journal de Tunisie) Charlotte read in Tunisia?
71. What words did Naomi use to describe Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, and Frank to Matthew Abaddon? (in order)
72. Who watched the Nigerian beechcraft crashing?
73. What did Eko steal from a shed to feed Yemi?
74. What song (or artist) is playing on the car radio when Rose and Bernard first meet?
75. Where do Goodwin and Ana Lucia find Bernard after the crash?
76. In what country is Frank when he first saw footage of the fake 815 wreck?
77. What is the name of John Locke's high school?
78. Why does Frank say he missed the Oceanic 815 flight?
79. What item of clothing is discarded in Season 3 and discovered again in Season 6?
80. Who did it originally belong to?
81. Who describes Aaron as Claire's 'poor island baby'?
82. Which two characters are called 'princess'?
83. According to Dr. Brooks, how many people were on the deck that collapsed?
84. How many was it meant to hold?
85. According to his jumpsuit, what is Horace's Dharma title?
86. Who is Ted McLaren?
87. What are the exact five words of #1 on Charlie's greatest hits list?
88. Fill in the blank: Aisle 8 for regulation, Aisle 15 for ____.
89. Which two on-island characters have had cancer?
90. Which two off-island characters have had cancer?
91. What kind of toy does Jack step on while living with Kate?
92. What is Kate's response when Diane first asks her, 'Katherine, what did you do?'
93. Which two episode titles contain seven words? (not counting part 1/2)
94. Which four episodes contain only three letters? (not numbers)
95. Who does Desmond perform CPR on?
96. Who does Ana Lucia perform CPR on?
97. In what year did Juliet successfully deliver a baby on the island for the first time?
98. What city is Dogen from?
99. Who gives Nathan a banana?
100. Which three characters died by having their throats slit on or near the island?
101. What do Karl and Alex name a constellation? (Latin or English)
102. Which famous actor does Nikki guest-star with in Expose?
103. Which character claims to have been in the Peace Corps?
104. Fill in the blank: If you're talking about ______, John, then yes.
105. What is the name of the boat that Desmond, Penny, and wee Charlie live on?
106. Besides Hurley, who told Locke not to open the hatch?
107. What does Jack give Kate that he describes as 'slimy little bluish-black thingies'?
108. What are Jack's last words before he dies?

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